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    You can become a G-YOUNG member by purchasing any dress on the official website.
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    Gold Card
    You can become a G-YOUNG Gold Card member with a single purchase of 3,000 yuan or an annual consumpt...
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Points Member Redemption Center
After entering the mobile terminal, log in to your personal account to check the membership level; available points and redemption records
Points redemption Ultra-low threshold redemption from 6000 points
Intensive repairs to rebuild firm and tender muscl
Fullerene Firming Mask
1800 Redeempoints exchange
Firms and reduces the appearance of young muscles
Fullerene Compacting Box5+5
2800 Redeempoints exchange
Lifts firming and awakens skin's youthfulness
Fullerene Face Lifting Compact Liquid1.2ml*30
6000 Redeempoints exchange
Accumulated points and member points received after shopping can be redeemed for Starbucks Gifts. The picture is for reference only, please refer to the actual product for details.
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  • Member Description

    How do I earn points?

    1, the official website to buy any product can become a member, and get the corresponding points;

    How long does it take for the points to arrive?

    2-3 working days after confirmation of receipt and first message.

    Third, the validity period of points?

    Points earned in that year will be cleared at 24:00 on December 31 of the following year.

    4. Is there a limit to doubling the members' birthdays?

    Members who spend less than or equal to 20,000 yuan in the month of the birthday can get the corresponding double points.

    Fifth, the way to exchange gifts?

    Redeem gifts through the official G-YOUNG mobile website or Jiyan WeChat account

    6. Will the refund of an order affect the membership level?

    The product return system will be adjusted or deducted according to the actual consumption points obtained at the time of purchase, and the membership level will be adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions about member points redemption, please consult our official website customer service
Or call our official website service hotline 400-86457822 We will solve it properly for you
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