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The price of G-YOUNG's products will change with the fluctuation of market prices. After an order is placed, it is likely that a certain product will have a price reduction (non-participation in any promotional activities). G-YOUNG considers the interests of consumers, Introduced price protection services for self-operated goods orders.

You can apply for price protection before the delivery is successful. After the application is successful, we will return the difference through a gift certificate.

Customers order products on this website. If you find that the outer packaging has been damaged during delivery, please reject it immediately and ask the courier to bring it back.

If you find the following situations after receiving the goods, you can return or exchange them unconditionally within 7 days from the date of receipt:

1. Different from the products ordered by customers on the website;

2. Upon receipt of the goods, the product was found to have expired;

In the above cases, we will refund the corresponding payment and bear the freight caused by the return.

Customers order products on this website. If they feel unwell after use, they can apply for return at any time, but they must meet the following conditions:

1. Provide a diagnosis report issued by a dermatology department at a second-level or higher hospital in mainland China;

2. The date of issue of the diagnostic report is after the customer has signed for the goods;

3. The diagnosis report clearly states that the discomfort is caused by cosmetics;

In the above cases, we will refund the corresponding payment and bear the freight caused by the return.

We only accept returns for products sold from this website. For products purchased from channels other than this website, please contact the original place of purchase to negotiate returns.

If you want to return or exchange the products you purchased on the official website of Jiyan, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1. Please be sure to call our Customer Service Center (020-31218630) to inform you of the problems encountered, and then return and exchange the goods according to the instructions of our customer service representatives;

2. Please provide all products that need to be returned or exchanged, even if they are damaged or opened;

3. Please attach the sales documents delivered with the product when returning or exchanging goods;

4. For your convenience, please inform us of your purchase order number when calling our customer service center;

After receiving the return and verifying it, we will complete the refund within 24 hours;

1. Unless otherwise stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of China, no one may reprint any content on the official website and online store of G-YOUNG without the written permission of Ji Yan.

2. G-YOUNG may quote, extract or reprint content from third parties, but this part of the content is for visitors' communication or reference only. The opinions or information in this article are not related to G-YOUNG.

1. 'Jiyan' and 'G-YOUNG' are registered trademarks of Jiyan, and others or others may not modify, copy or use it in other ways without permission.

2. Any attempt to downplay or deface the above trademarks is illegal, and Ji Yan reserves the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

1. Unless otherwise specified, G-YOUNG (Guangdong) Brand Management Co., Ltd. independently owns all contents of G-YOUNG official website and online mall (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video materials, page design, layout, etc. ) Intellectual property.

2. Unless otherwise stipulated by the laws of the People's Republic of China, without the written consent of G-YOUNG, no one may use any content of G-YOUNG's intellectual property rights in any way.

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