Essence Series
Fullerene Face Lifting Compact Liquid1.2ml*10
Fullerene Face Lifting Compact Liquid1.2ml*30
Fat Rejuvenating Compact Set(5+5)
Mask series
Fullerene Revitalizing Firming Mask28ml*5
Ji Yan was born for beauty

G-YOUNG accumulating small beauty, becoming great beauty

Accumulate: accumulate

Yan: Beauty, beauty, wisdom

Gathering the wisdom of all people, with fearless courage, bringing personal beauty into human beauty

The founder of G-YOUNG adhering to the life attitude of “accumulating small beauty, becoming great beauty” and skin care concept of “beautiful every day”, is committed to shaping firm and healthy young muscles for women.

Since the establishment of the brand, G-YOUNG has adhered to scientific research as the basis and in accordance with the spirit of craftsmen, carefully selected raw material formulas to provide safe and long-lasting firming plastic skin care products for fashionable and interesting new women. While providing women with infinitely close to perfect and firm young skin solutions, help every woman who wants to become younger, better, and more confident exude endless years of charm!

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